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08/30/23-04:00 (edited on 08/30/23-04:02)

Customize Your Bedroom for Comfort and Clarity

Sick of your bedroom looking like a leftover set from an old TV show? We're here to help you turn that basic space into your personal HQ—where every corner is Insta-worthy while still being very chill and comfy. Forget Mama’s old decor rules; let's redefine what it means to sleep in style!

Set the Stage with the Right Frame
When it comes to making a statement, your bed frame can be the star of the show. With the SLATTUM (Upholstered bed frame, Bomstad black, 90x200 cm (35 3/8x78 3/4 ") ₱7,990), you'll take your bedroom’s aesthetics from zero to hero, offering not just better physical support but a backdrop with that wow factor for your Instagram stories.

Add Personality with a Pop of Color
Throws are the chameleons of bedroom decor. Check out the HUMLEMOTT (Throw, yellow-beige, 130x170 cm (51x67 ") ₱1,290). This versatile throw adds a vibrant touch to your room and can transform from stylish decor to cuddle buddy in seconds.

Mindfulness Over Material
A serene bedroom is a clutter-free bedroom. As you sprinkle in your personal touches, aim for a balanced space that sparks joy without overcrowding your mental real estate.

Elevate your bedroom from just another room to a true safe space for your well-being with smart, versatile choices. From the sleek elegance of the SLATTUM bed frame to the stylish flair of the HUMLEMOTT throw blanket, your route to a comfort and clarity-filled paradise starts here. No more dreamy aspirations—let’s make your ideal bedroom real!

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