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Prove that going green is not just a trend—from eco-hacks to sustainable snacks, we've got you covered.
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On Earth Day, let's make a special effort to honor our planet. Instead of staying indoors and using up electricity, take the opportunity to unplug and reconnect with nature. Spend time outdoors, breathe in the fresh air, and appreciate the beauty of the world around us. Every small action counts in making a positive impact on our Earth!
Unplug this Earth Day🔋
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Here are the best fabrics (we think!) for the hot summer months:
 Cotton: Absorbent, lightweight, the classic choice Linen: Ultra-breathable, wrinkle-prone, but perfect for that beachy look Bamboo Fabric: Incredibly soft, naturally anti-bacterial, and very sustainable. Remember that loose fits are your friend, lighter colors reflect heat, and accessories can be functional. 😊
Breathable fabrics win in the summer. 🆒
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The Philippines? AMAZING beaches. Let's celebrate our shores and how to make the most of them by being responsible. Whether you’re fave is La Union for surfing, Boracay for the sandy vibe, Zambales for chilling, or Batangas for diving… what's your fave, and why?

 Bonus if you could share one IKEA non-negotiable that you bring on out-of-town trips! Featured product: STRANDÖN (Beach chair, white green/blue, ₱1,650)
Share your fave Philippine beach + how to enjoy it responsibly!
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February can be the time to let your eco-conscious heart lead the way. Are you and your partner or friends ready for change? Think bike rides to local restos or a thrift shop scavenger hunt for your next group hangout... Share some pics of your sustainable dates for Love Month. 💚
It's almost Valentine's Day...
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Still a budding plant parent or a full-fledged plant pro? Doesn’t really matter because DAKSJUS can be your go-to for sprucing up your space with greenery. It’s plant care made easy!
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It’s a green scene with DAKSJUS
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Hej! We’ve invited our friends from all over to do a sustainability tour too! Want to be part of the next tour? Let us know below.
This is our sustainability week!
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Did you know that bamboo is often considered more sustainable than wood? Here are a few reasons why: Rapid Growth: Bamboo is a grass, not a tree, and it has an incredibly fast growth rate. Renewable Resource: Bamboo is a highly renewable resource because it can be harvested without killing the plant. Reduced Deforestation: Bamboo cultivation and harvesting do not contribute to deforestation in the same way that logging for hardwoods can. Biodegradability: Bamboo products are biodegradable, so they break down naturally at the end of their life cycle, reducing waste and pollution.
Here's what we think: Bamboo >
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We’re in an IKEA world, right? Ride the wave of a plastic-free November! Snap and share your journey and eco hacks on your socials using #NoPlasticNovember and share ‘em here so we can follow you!
Ditch the Plastic, Feel Fantastic 🕺