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Upcycling Project Idea: Light Bulb Moment

We’ve got a bright idea! Your dead lightbulbs can be transformed into beautiful lively decorations. Here’s how you can create a lightbulb plant holder: Materials needed: Old lightbulbs, pliers or wire cutters, twine or thin wire, scissors, small plants or succulents Step 1: Remove the metal tip of the light bulb by using pliers or wire cutters. Be careful not to crack the glass. Step 2: Clean the inside of the bulb. Step 3: Add soil to the bulb, leaving enough space for your plants or succulents. You can opt to just use water for your plants. Step 4: Carefully add your plants or succulents to the bulb, making sure not to overcrowd the bulb. Step 5: Cut a piece of twine or thin wire and tie it around the metal part of the bulb. This will allow you to hang the bulb from a hook or string.
Upcycling Project Idea: Light Bulb Moment
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