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Upcycling Project Idea: Vinyl Vibe

Transform broken records into decorative vibes. Got some old, scratched-up vinyl records gathering dust? Here are some ideas to turn them into stylish and eco-friendly home decor: Jewelry Holder •Plot where you want to position holes with a marker. •Use a drill to create holes where you can hang earrings or jewelry. Create holes and use a thread to hang this piece. Vinyl Record Bookends •Prepare boiling water, a deep container, and a flat, sturdy tool. •While holding the record upright, slowly pour boiling water over the bottom half of the record, filling the pan an inch or so. •The record should begin to soften almost immediately. Gently press the record downward into the pan until the point where you'd like the crease to be. Usually, just below the label is enough.
Upcycling Project Idea: Vinyl Vibe
Upcycling Project Idea: Vinyl Vibe - 2
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